Our Approach

The Approach of the Supply Chain Academy distinguishes 4 steps

To make the Supply Chain Academy ultimately your own Academy we have a structured and proven approach to define the content and execution of your Academy. Four steps in the approach are:

Step 1: Inception
get an understanding of the potentials for improvement in your Supply Chain. We also assess the knowledge and skills of your employees, and the collaboration between the different levels of your organization. This results into a concrete Supply Chain improvement route aligned with your organizational objectives.

Step 2: Design
shared definition of the actions to be executed to realize the potentials for improvement as defined in step 1. The program will be a set of projects with defined goals, resources, timelines.

Step 3: Execution
the employees are responsible for executing the projects. They will feel a strong support of the Academy. The Academy creates a safe and challenging environment, where they will share regularly feedback about their progress. In this action learning environment your employees will grow their skills and competences. They will be able to understand their contribution in the quality and the results of the processes they are involved in.

Step 4: Learning
Your employees are now armed with knowledge and experience. Within the Academy their skills are sharpened and they become ready to coach their college’s in their development process. Soon your own employees will take over the role of the external experts. Sharing knowledge will become common practice. Your organization has grown into a learning organization. Your knowledge will be embedded and value leakage by employees leaving is no longer an issue.