Our Approach

v Together with you we facilitate the co-creation process of designing your suitable vision, mission, values and strategy.
v Business Consultancy, a combination of our senior expertises and the mobilisation of employees’ forces to get the job done. We put a strong emphases on your existing company culture and the desired future situation. We will design based on this strategic choice the growth path to the new culture by selecting the right projects, supporting the new behaviour and steering towards the corresponding competent staff.
v Your critical and high potential employees are elevated in a tailor made project driven program
v Entrepreneurship, a calculated risk taking team – we and you – effort to get a breakthrough in your strategies, markets, customers, competitors. This could lead to re-branding your entire service offering into the market.
v In complex settings we combine these three solution tools. The contents are filled on basis of your lifecycle phase of change. Historically a company may develop into four growth phases of a company (creativity, direction, delegation, coordination/ collaboration).
v In each of above mentioned four tools your employees play a vital role in changing your ROI, productivity, sales, product lines etc. For SUPPLY CHAIN ACADEMY the successful empowerment of your employees is crucial to realize a sustainable implementation in your company. Permanent action learning is, based on our research and experiences, a perfect instrument for the successful embedding of your solutions. The full spectrum of competence based learning is taken into account.
v Improvements are measured, controlled and communicated through our dashboard that we design customer and program specific. The consistency of the change is regularly checked with our one-2-ten methodology.